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Main Program

Tips for Staying Safe Online, Preventing Ransomware and Identity Theft - Bob Gostischa

Learn to use the tools that make visiting the internet safe and enjoyable.

It really isn’t important what you use to get to the Internet - Smartphones, Tablets or


It’s important to use the right tools once you get to the internet.

It's important to exercise caution when visiting the internet.

It's important to avoid the dangers found on the internet.

This presentation will cover: Computer (Windows and Mac), tablets and Smartphones. Join presenter Bob Gostischa, as he explains the dos and don'ts and, what you need to know to stay safe on your devices and the internet.

About our Speaker:

Norbert “Bob” Gostischa, after a successful career in banking, enjoys his retirement as an enthusiast IT security expert, most notably for Avast Software. Avast is the creator of avast! antivirus software. The Avast website has a discussion and help forum, where Bob has been helping with security-related and general computer issues since 2004. He has contributed over 35,000 forum interactions. Avast Antivirus s.r.o. is currently the most used antivirus software in the world. Avast has been making security software for over 25 years and has more than 400 million users worldwide.

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Meeting Details and Directions

Everyone is invited to attend the meeting at the Trumbull Library, 33 Quality St.
See you there from 7:00 PM to 9 PM.