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Revo Uninstaller Software by Sheila Swaikowski.

Sheila will play a 5:49 minute "You Tube" Presentation on how to use the "Revo" Uninstaller Sofware. This is a usefull software when you cannot delete a file using the regular way through the control panel's program uninstaller.

Sheila will also show the audience how to access the resources available at the TPCUG library.

Traveling With Your Computer by John Roy

This presentation will be a potpourri of topics associated with using your computer when traveling. What computer accessories should you bring? The advantages of a computer GPS system versus a portable system. Connectivity options while traveling (hotspots) and dealing with poor campground Wi-Fi. How to find campgrounds and places of interest. Maintaining a simple blog to keep family and friends updated on your travels. Why you would want a smartphone. Other tips and techniques will be discussed.

Meeting Details and Directions

Everyone is invited to attend the meeting at the Trumbull Library, 33 Quality St.
See you there from 7 PM to 9 PM.