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Short Program

Intro to Any Video Converter - Sheila Swaikowski

Intro to Any Video Converter Free will include how to download the software, how to do a conversion of one video format to another and how to download a You Tube video.

Main Program

3D Printing - Jack Heslin

3D Printing is a topic today most of us hear about but few really know what it is or why it matters. Join us on June 29th for an overview of the different 3D printing technologies and how they are used in industries from aerospace to automotive to consumer products to design new products and solve problems. Included in the discussion is a look at how 3D Printing will impact design and manufacturing for years to come and what are the 3D Printing technologies on the horizon.

About our Speaker:

Jack Heslin is the founder of J3D Services, a provider of 3D Printers and 3D Print Services. Jack was an Enterprise Executive at MakerBot for two years where he had the opportunity to work with organizations like GE, Toyota, Yale, the University of Maryland Engineering School and all branches of the US Military. After leaving MakerBot Jack started J3D to help companies make informed choices as to what is the right 3D Printing technology for their needs. In addition to running J3D Jack has given talks at Quinnipiac and Yale as well Fairfield and Sacred Heart Universities. He also teaches how to use a 3D Printer at the Edith Wheeler Memorail Library on Saturdays.

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Meeting Details and Directions

Everyone is invited to attend the meeting at the Trumbull Library, 33 Quality St.
See you there from 7:00 PM to 9 PM.