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Short Program

Do I need A Smartphone? By John Roy

and board members

Smartphones are everywhere and are no longer just for the nerd. Prices have plummeted and capability has soared. Are you missing out on something you didn’t know you needed?

Main Program

WIRING THAT WORKS: Connecting your Home Computers, TV, and Home Security Systems Correctly by Felix Giannini

Most homeowners are not aware that simple wiring errors in connecting your Home Security system to your Home Computer and Wifi network could interfere or eliminate the proper functioning of your security system and endanger your computers. Learn how to properly wire low voltage hardware together so they properly work as a unit.

Mastering all the low voltage wiring and systems in your home is the subject of this talk – The Do’s and Do not’s. Especially; why your systems need to be grounded, how to organize your wires, the right place for your cable modem and much more.

The choices are vast: Cable TV, Satellite TV, Internet, Cable Modems, Phone, Smoke, Heat, and Gas Detectors, Burglar Alarms, Flood Detection, Driveway Alerts, Medical Alert Monitoring, Audio and Video Systems, Smart Home Connectivity, Temperature Controls, and more. Learn what to do with all those wires and all those systems so you are 100% in the “driver’s seat”.

About our Speaker:

Felix Giannini FPE, CPP has a BS in Fire Protection Engineering and is an ASIS Certified Protection Professional. He will guide us through the crazy maze of home technology and how to keep it all under control and easy to service and expand as needed. Bring all your questions – Felix has all the answers. Learn more by connecting with Felix on LinkedIn and reading his many educational blog posts.

Celebrating the Launch of Windows 10 Pics July 29th

Click Here for Windows 10 Information

Meeting Details and Directions

Everyone is invited to attend the meeting at the Trumbull Library, 33 Quality St.
See you there from 7 PM to 9 PM.