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Microsoft Word    

The presentation will be covered in three sessions: 1) How to create/maintain a Quick Toolbar, create a multi-column document, insert image(s) into the document and show "track changes" in that document. 2) How to create a document from an existing template and crop a picture using the "snipping tool" app. and 3) Create a simple document and then use the thesaurus/dictionary to modify it, translate the document into a foreign language and then send it via email.

About our Speaker:

Victor Casaretti had a 35 year career in computer systems from programmer to department manager to consultant, till his retirement in 2015. Since his retirement Victor has volunteered at the Monroe Senior Center where he taught hands-on classes in MS Word and Excel, the internet and basic pc usage.

Celebrating the Launch of Windows 10 Pics July 29th

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Meeting Details and Directions

Everyone is invited to attend the meeting at the Trumbull Library, 33 Quality St.
See you there from 7 PM to 9 PM.